Specials at Bobby's Boss Dogs

Bobby's Boss Dogs

16 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Found on Surry Hills's Wentworth Avenue, Bobby's Boss Dogs's specials were first spotted in September '18. They've had 6 deals and the best offer was $1.00 Hotdogs.


All deals at Bobby's Boss Dogs

Thursdays $5.00 Open-7pm

Thursdays $5.00 Open-7pm

Tuesdays $1.00 5pm-close

Tuesdays $6.00 5pm-close

What's on near Bobby's Boss Dogs

Distance 100m

Harpoon & Hotel Harry 9 deals

Mondays at Harpoon & Hotel Harry on Wentworth Avenue, there's $15.00 Salad or Schnitzel inc. Beer, wine or soda. from all day and eight more specials, see all Harpoon & Hotel Harry deals.

Distance 100m

The Naked Duck Hyde Park 3 deals

Weekdays at The Naked Duck Hyde Park on Liverpool Street, there's $5.00 Beer from 11am-4pm and two more specials, see all The Naked Duck Hyde Park deals.

Distance 200m

MD Thai Restaurant 1 deals

Weekdays at MD Thai Restaurant on College Street, there's $10.00 Thai Lunch boxes - all the classic thai dishes are included from 12-3pm.

Distance 200m

Della Hyde 4 deals

Wednesdays at Della Hyde on Oxford Street, there's $1.00 Chicken Wings from all day and three more specials, see all Della Hyde deals.

Distance 200m

Bar Rendezvous 7 deals

Everyday at Bar Rendezvous on College Street, there's $5.00 House wines from 5-7pm and six more specials, see all Bar Rendezvous deals.

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Suggested Venues

Deals 4

Miso Honi Camperdown, NSW

On Manning Road in Camperdown, StevenR found $10.97 Special Combo, Rice or Noodle + Can of Drink or Water or Bowl of Soup, access on all day everyday and three more deals, see Miso Honi's other deals.

Deals 2

Zabeli Cafe Camperdown, NSW

On Manning Road in Camperdown, StevenR found $10.90 Grilled Fish and chips on all day everyday and one more deal, see Zabeli Cafe's other special.

Deals 3

Manning Bar Camperdown, NSW

On Manning Road in Camperdown, StevenR found $5.00 Hot chicken on all day everyday and two more deals, see Manning Bar's other deals.

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